The Efficacies of HorsePlay

Just a quick note before bed.

You know that saying, “mind how you treat others, you never know what journey they’re on (or what they’re going through, etc., etc.)?” Well, consider yourself informed that following that advice would make the world a better place.

I have a lot of problems. Some of them can be solved. Some cannot. The ones that connect are those that are beyond me. They elude even the greatest of intentions. The fact is: when these unsolvable problems are especially poignant –  someone’s crappy attitude, unnecessary quips, misappropriated anger, and general lack of decency –  these problems get set on fire. (Read “The Hunger Games” if you think that’s not full of repercussions.)

So just don’t “say” without thinking. “Sayers” don’t always have to “say.” Just like “naysayers” don’t always have to “neigh.” (Couldn’t help myself.)

Tomorrow I get to go back to work after requiring some extremely necessary unhealthy days off to an environment where I will be punished for being sick. Many people have to deal with such shenanigans. I just want people to know that what you say — matters. A lot. So if you’re going to call someone for any non-personal reason tomorrow, please stop and think for a moment that you have the potential to make or break their day.

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