Country & Oldies, and Vice Versa (?)

OKAY. Calm down, everyone. I’m back.

When I was growing up — (and by way of stupid-quick background — I was SO effing lucky growing up — I had THE childhood — a story for another time?), my Mom and my Dad both enjoyed some different types of music.

I remember being in a car about 100% of my growing up. Obviously I know this isn’t true, but a lot of things in my day did, in fact, revolve around driving. AT LEAST THAT’S HOW IT FELT! (Did I mention I had the best effing childhood?)

If Mom was driving, we would be listening to what was then, 101.1 — The Golden Oldies. (I know that was the dial, but the name might have been different — alcohol stole some of my brain cells, so, who’s really to blame here? Dad sometimes listened to this station too

If Dad was driving, it would be 103.5, Y2KCountry FM (I know that dial is right too, but I forget the name, same as above).

My Mom HATED and to this day, still does hate, Country Music. She had told me she found it unnecessarily sad. I didn’t understand the lyrics at the age I’m referring to, so, when I listened to Reba, I’d hear, “I lose my senses,” and hear, “lose my sensei,” and I’d think about “Shredder” the rat in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” something I faced every day!

But since my Dad died? Jesus Christ.

A few days ago I went to my Mom’s. I was picking up a pizza for us for dinner — for the next three days — yup, that’s us — on the way. I was listening to 94.7 NASH FM (certain about that this time) and this song came on. I don’t know new songs even though I listen every Sunday. Sunday, is Country Music Day. 

So, this song comes on and the lyrics are like, “when it rains is pours.” To me, that’s like “when I’m effed — I’m effing effed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

But, the song continues with the line, “and I don’t have to see my ex-mother-in-law anymore,” and I thought of Daddy. I think he would have enjoyed that line.

The song is all about how the phrase “when it rains it pours” can ALSO mean for positive things too. And I am not in a particularly positive situation at the moment, so I was kind of like “eff you” to the song. I don’t believe in that. I don’t usually feel that gaining a bunch of great things all at once is possible for me, as grateful as I am for everything I have ever been given the gift of having/experiencing/whatever.

I parked. Pizza. Focus.

I went in to the pizza place. The order wasn’t ready. I looked around, as a person does. I saw they made soup(!) so, I asked, “how long have you been making soup?” The high-school-er at the counter then asked the owner (who I guess — I kind of “know?”) how long they’ve been making soup. He responds, “for a bit of a while now.”

I was speechless in return. (RIVETING!)

Then the owner asked me, “do you like soup?” and I replied, “I love soup.” He the picked one up and said, “here’s my pasta fagioli; first one’s on me.” The girl at the counter gave me the rest of the order. I walked to my car. I placed the pizza, etc. on my car’s floor, carefully. I went around to the driver’s side, after checking to make sure I wouldn’t be taken out by a motor vehicle, and got in.

And I said, “All right, God. You got me on that one.”

There’s this one other song I love and hear on that station lately. I think it might be called “Take a Drunk Girl Home.” Sounds shady as EFF, right? I hated the name/lyric/whatever. Until I listened. I REALLY listened. The song is about taking a drunk girl home, a girl who WAS OBVIOUSLY hurting. It suggests a man at a bar should take a drunk girl home, leave her clothes on, tuck her in her bed, leave a note with your name and number under her keys on a table, and to leave the hallway light on. It also suggests that’s how YOU KNOW the difference between a boy, and, a man.

I effing love that song. The point of this post is — things change! Country Music is sad, a lot of times. But lately, I have found some songs are happily progressive.

You know what they say: “when it rains it pours,” and, “take a drunk girl home!” (but do that last one like the country song I’m writing about suggests you should— don’t be a boy).

As for Oldies Music? No need to justify anything. It’s m-er-effing ballin’.

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