Life’s Too Short To Not Go For Broke.

You win, world.
I was trying.
To grasp onto something.
Anything good.
Believe in someone.
Trust that something could go right.
A thing can fade quickly.
And that’s okay.
Except I’M always THAT THING.


27 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short To Not Go For Broke.

  1. “You win, world.”
    Indeed, especially as YOU are the ONLY piece of this world that actually matters (at-least to you).

    I came across the following couple of sentences some time ago and, reading this post, made me realize I had save them to share with you (obviously)…

    “Though you may hold your sword in a shaky hand, I see the demons you are slaying.
    Carry on, warrior, you are stronger than you realize.”

    An so it must be…

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    1. First, thank you for sharing that quote with me. I know I’ve heard it before. Second, I am in no way the only piece of this world that ACTUALLY matters to me. If anything, I put myself behind basically every other person in and sometimes out of my life. But I have been called “emo” before, so, I often have existential crises and an human, so I am not offended by your assumption. Thanks for reading my post! And also again for the quote. I have to about, it actually made me tear up. Truly, thank you! 🎶♥️✌️

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      1. Thank goodness you weren’t offended as, I certainly didn’t mean to do so in any way… I don’t know you at all so, my comment upon reading your post was purely instinctual; much like one’s leg will “jerk” when the knee gets hit on the right spot.

        Well, “instincts” are sometimes as ineffective as “ASSumptions”. 🙂
        My apology.

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      2. Thank you for saying that; I do appreciate knowing your intent. I really didn’t think you meant anything by it like, “yeah, because you’re the only one in the world with problems,” (although my estranged sister did say that to me once). Based on the quote you wrote at the bottom I felt like you were being supportive not condescending. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, honestly. But I appreciate it nevertheless. 🙂🎶♥️✌️

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  2. One of my favorite lines from a favorite movie: “Carpe diem” (Seize the day!) … Make the most of every moment. In doing so, you will find you can breathe deeper, see clearer and dream farther than if you become stagnant and stale. Live on, and learn to thrive! 😉

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