I Miss Me More.

“The problem — she’s starting to understand — is that a man will never let you fall completely into Hell.

He will scoop you up right before you drop the final inch so that you cannot blame him for sending you there.

He keeps you in a diner-like purgatory instead, waiting and hoping — taking orders.”

Lisa Tadddeo, “Three Women”

I have so much anger and love and hatred and compassion and unfortunate energy and hostile buildup and brokenness and wanting to be the best for others and regret and confusion and wanting to freak the fuck out on fucking everything and everyone everyday.

Time to go to my happy place…maybe some sleep first.

Stay good to each other.

And be better than me.


3 thoughts on “I Miss Me More.

  1. I hope you have a good dream or at least that you can relax.
    And all the feelings you have, they are telling you that something isn’t right.
    You know that and its okay and good. So maybe you are more yourself than you think. Maybe not yet what you will become or were before (in a good way, the good things [probably hidden] inside you). You are honest about your feelings, at least around here. That’s all what it takes. Speak your mind or in this case, write your mind. ^^
    You don’t have to change because you are good as you are. πŸ’œ
    And what may still disturbs, scares or makes you hate yourself, will go away on its own.
    With the right people (when you can really feel free without a “mask” etc. with them), all the negative things (or things you see as such) will soon leave or maybe in the moment you meet them. Honesty and real love are the keys to find yourself.
    Peace out. β™₯️

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog, it means so much to me!!!!! I also want to thank you for your incredibly thoughtful words and insights. I especially appreciate your comment about me writing my truth, because it’s SO important to me to share what’s REAL and maybe even sometimes controversial feelings. Keep doing you and stay well!!! Thanks again β™₯️🎢✌🏻

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