Since I ———– You to Leave

I can breathe
and I’m alive
and I feel amazing
and I have pride
and I need this vibe
to keep on revivin’
the person I was
before you came along
I was a person
and after
it was worse then
but I’m back
and I’m not going away again
I found out
there’s far too much to win
I’ve got a place in this game
I have a story to tell
I have positivity to put forward
I have so much to contribute
it’s time I feed myself
not just look to nourish you
how can someone so starved
carry a relationship for two?
I have things to accomplish
I have people to meet
I have stories to tell
and I have strength in these feats
not only do I now know to believe in myself
I’ve learned to grow sometimes you have to lower your own bookshelves
I might be asking for help
but now I know that’s okay
because there’s nothing wrong with healthy dependence
at the end of the day
what’s toxic was us
and I hate to say
I can’t live one more second in this delay
so goodbye sweet escape
I’m afraid we are through for good
I cannot believe you didn’t care to understand my worth
and for that you’ll regret it for the rest of your life
what did I tell you when we first met?
they call me heartbreaker
and you’re about to feel that
so I wish you the best
but I’m not your girl
I found someone else for me
and now I’M part of MY world


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