I Want You Forever

Although I’ve put it out there I wanted to introduce formerly, my boyfriend.

He lives in hot, sunny Florida.
Note the sweater versus the topless beach look. (He was at the beach, in all fairness.)

We’ve been dating since August, but we became exclusive in November.

I had been also dating another guy — and yes they knew about each other — but I just had to be with my exclusive boyfriend because, well, I’m infatuated and obsessed with him. There are a lot of other reasons too.

But whenever I’d push him away I’d say, “we’re over forever and I’m never going to be with you,” and he calmly replied, “I think you will.”

And he was always right.

I always came back to him.

I’ve been sick over him.

I’ve felt better because of him.

Like all of us, he’s not just one thing. He plays many roles in my life now.

I wish I could adequately express my thanks to him for the things that are extra that he’s done for me. I doubt I’ll be able to do them justice, but I’m so grateful to him for so much.

He’s kept me going during the past 4 months. If not for him? I’d be lost. I might have even been so lost I couldn’t find my way back. But he has kept me going. Every day we make each other feel loved and feel wanted and feel needed and feel purpose. We’re going to get to each other. That’s our purpose. It’s a Blessing. For both of us.

He loves Peyton.
Best buds.

He loves the Browns who are orange BTW.

This man has sent me flowers, TWICE — (once with chocolates).

I’ve NEVER before loved someone the way I love him. NEVER.

This man has bought me and my Mom breakfast, from Florida. This man has bought me and my Mom a surprise dinner, from Florida. This man sent me and my Mom Christmas cards from Cleveland (he was visiting fam). This man sent me a Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow poster because he knows me like that.

I love you too, babes.

Our relationship started off pretty bumpy. As I said, I tried to end it more than once. But I couldn’t stay away from this man. He has a spell on me. He’s my air. He makes my life.

I cannot wait for the day we actually get to meet face to face, and he can feel the love I have for him.

He’s my person. And I’m so happily in love.


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