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Worst Anniversaries

My Daddy died 9 years ago today. It was so far the worst day of my life.

My Daddy was my best friend.

At one of my sister’s basketball games.

We used to go to this one diner on Sunday afternoons together after Church.

Every Sunday.

For years.

He was my rock. Helping me through all of my silly problems.

I was his sponge. I absorbed all of the knowledge he had to give.

So when my Father died, I can say that I truly knew him. And that brings me so much peace. And I know not everyone can say that about their parents. So I also know how lucky I am to have REALLY gotten to know my Daddy.

Another one of my sister’s basketball games.

You can see in the above picture that my Dad is wearing a TCNJ hat. That’s where my sister played. (I’m wearing a shirt I made that is a replica of my sister’s Jersey back then.) But you can also see that my Dad is wearing the Scarlet Knight on his sweater, which he had my Mom sew on, so he would always be showing support for both of us.

He was the best.

Of course I miss him all the time.

But every time I see a red fox, 🦊, or an acorn, 🌰, or a flower, 🌷, I know it’s my Dad saying “what’s up?!”

A gift from my Mom.

I wear acorns on my necklace every day, just like I wear a tri-colored cross to match my Mom’s wedding ring colors on the same chain.

Family is so important.

I can’t wait to expand mine.

I know my Daddy’s up in Heaven with everyone else who was taken too soon and he’s making them laugh like crazy. He’s still my hero.

God bless y’all.