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What Couldn’t You Just?

Look this way

Try it

Like that

Listen to me

Take a God Damned minute

Let me have your cigarette

Fake something

Be honestly him

Take what you wanted

Give nothing back

Everybody hates me

No one ever waits for me

The wind at my front

So many moments I let go free

Because they’re not the ones for me

I try to need

Something strong to make me bleed

But bruises contusions

All an illusion

This clown is confusin’ a gig

With who has us losin’ big

And it’s not about what makes us ideal

It is the threat of the appeal

Face facts

Are you for real

Maybe tomorrow doesn’t exist

In this month

On this day

Or this year

Why can’t I ever shut up and not fight?

Your death

My life

I’m constantly battling

Confused; baffling

There’s nothing left

It’s shaken and broken

And permanently fractured

Look at my life, see that I’ve woken

Don’t look at that one

Not in the eyes

I’m tired of warnings

Most of them lies

And I’m hypnotized

By the cries

And guise

The unfair amount

Of conditional goodbyes

They aren’t stupid

Every day you leave the house

They feel it in their bones

Tonight might be the night

Daddy’s not coming home