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Ode to “Bad Things” pt 2 (finale)

I fucking love when MGK says “keep it strange” because we definitely do that. And I do feel like we both feel like we’re fucking crazy insane sometimes because we just can’t get enough of each other like this — but I know that I feel like I’m not a “normal” person — I do feel that I’m “strange.” And I often feel like I’m insane. But I think maybe you feel the same way — so when he says “but you the same” you relate to me in my strange insanity because we follow each other — and we’ve trusted each other — with really important things and because of that it we fold into each other again. And it’s beautiful.

            So, the sex scene in his first verse is weird, because you and I don’t have the ability to do that stuff to each other yet, but for whatever reason — they way he describes him with his girl — it’s like — oh yes — I feel like that could be exactly what it’s like for us. Let’s get graphic. It’s going to be exactly what MGK says: “Drop it down to that base drum; I got what you dream about; Nails scratching’ my back tatt; Eyes closed while you scream out; And you keep me in with those hips; While my teeth sink in those lips; While your body’s giving me life; and you suffocate in my kiss.” Oh, baby: “If you only knew the bad things I like,” could not be a more appropriate description for my bedroom behavior. I can’t imagine having sex with you as being anything other than incredibly fucking passionate as fuck. I know we’re going to drown in each other. That’s kind of the best way I can describe it.

            MGK’s second verse’s sex scene sounds hot and I think we should do it. I’ll put on heels and nothing else if that is what you want baby. Anything for you, Daddy.

            I am you’re pretty naughty good little vixen. And you are the voice in my head that keeps telling me to do the things that I do and I keep wanting to do them for you because I love you just so god damned fucking much baby.

            We sing “I want you forever.”

            Especially when we’re not together.

            We’re getting tattoos and I’m literally putting scars on my body so I can take you wherever, whenever. Talk about “if you only knew the bad things I like; Don’t think that I can explain it; what can I say, it’s complicated.” You do know the bad things I like, and I know what bad things you get off.

            We are so Addictively obsessed with each other that it doesn’t matter what one of us says or does — all we can think about is what bad things we want to do to each other. I think it’s obvious what that means: we cannot control ourselves around each other. It feels so good to be with the other person — it’s impossible to explain.

            We’re not out of our heads and we’re not out of our minds. We’re just absolutely desperately addictively longingly obsessively totally in love with each other, and our vibe is so perfect together that I think other people wouldn’t get it. And that’s all right. Because “the way we love is so unique; and when we touch I’m shivering; And no one has to get it; Just you and me; Cause we’re just living.” You and me, Daddy. I want you forever. Promises. Because baby I’m never going to leave you. I got you.

The end.